**Recommended** 8 Pcs LiceTek Replacement Filters

**Recommended** 8 Pcs LiceTek Replacement Filters

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  • Brand: Licetek
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LiceTek Replacement Filters

Benefits: 👇

✔️ Disposable/replaceable filters
✔️ It is easily to attaches and detaches
✔️ It allows to see the head lice and nits captured
✔️ It will maintain your LiceTek hygienic
✔️ This is a high quality material, bag made of nylon
✔️ Pack includes 8 replacement filters for the LiceTek device

    Instructions of use and features: 👇

    When your head lice/eggs are extracted, they'll be captured and illuminated in the filter bag. Then simply remove the filter, and dispose of it in the garbage.

    ✅ Bag material: nylon
    ✅ Size (inner mouth): 2.5 cm/0.98"