LiceTek™ - Automatic Lice Eliminator

LiceTek™ - Automatic Lice Eliminator

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Getting rid of lice can be a challenging task. Most treatments result in pain, discomfort, and hair loss. However, Licetek’s Electric Lice Eliminator removes all those problems. Our Automatic Head Lice Eliminator is the latest innovation in non-chemical lice treatment. Utilizing innovative UV light and Nano-bind teeth technology, the Licetek Electric Lice Eliminator helps remove lice with the gentle stroke of a brush. More importantly, unlike toxic chemical treatments, our technology is completely safe for children’s scalps. Moreover, our technology works with any hair type – straight, curly, or wavy – and you can use it on dry or wet hair.

Benefits: 👇

✔️ Nano-bind Teeth Technology uses positive ions to detach ALL eggs and lice
✔️ Vacuum pulls all lice and eggs into a confined filter pouch
✔️ UV Light Technology completely eliminates all captured lice and nits
✔️ Totally removes louse eggs and nits 
✔️ Does not pull out hair
✔️ Painless treatment done with gentle combing 
✔️ Can be used on wet hair 
✔️ Designed to save energy

    Additional benefits: 👇 

    ✔️ 100% Pesticide and Chemical free 
    ✔️ Safe for children 
    ✔️ Eliminates the stress of using dangerous, smelly pesticides 
    ✔️ Licetek won't harm your lungs like traditional chemical alternatives 
    ✔️ Reduces risks of a second lice infection by 88% 
    ✔️ Works on any hair type
    ✔️ Ships fast from our USA warehouse


    Package Includes: 

    ✅ 1 x LiceTex™ - Chemical Free
    ✅ 3 x Filters Pouches 
    ✅ 1 x User Manual

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