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LiceTek™ - Automatic Lice Eliminator LiceTek™ - Automatic Lice Eliminator

Brand: Licetek

LiceTek™ - Automatic Lice Eliminator

Getting rid of lice can be a challenging task. Most treatments result in pain, discomfort, and hair loss. However, Licetek’s Electric Lice Eliminator removes all those problems. Our Automatic Head...

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$ 99.98

**Recommended** 8 Pcs LiceTek Replacement Filters **Recommended** 8 Pcs LiceTek Replacement Filters

Brand: Licetek

**Recommended** 8 Pcs LiceTek Replacement Filters

LiceTek Replacement Filters Benefits: 👇 ✔️ Disposable/replaceable filters ✔️ It is easily to attaches and detaches ✔️ It allows to see the head lice and nits captured ✔️ It will maintain your LiceTek...

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$ 19.99